CHOETECH PowerDual 5 Coils Fast Wireless Charger Pad

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PowerDual, the wireless charger from CHOETECH is the 1st dual fast wireless charging pad in the market equipped with 5 coils, enabling wireless charging at different angles. Besides, it has the ability to charge two Qi-compatible phones simultaneously, allowing you to share power with family, friends or colleagues.
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Just like having a double garage makes sense if you have two cars, dual wireless charging pad is the smarter choice if you have or plan to have a second wireless charging ready phone, so you won't have to buy a second charger. With this dual wireless charging pad you'll have a second charging spot ready for family, friends or colleagues.
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Most of the wireless chargers available in the market are frustrating because it’s hard to find that sweet spot to get a wireless charge. To resolve this, we design the 5-coil wireless charger that offers much wider charging area and provides lot of flexibility in positioning your device.
Dual Charge, Up to 20W Output
This wireless charger features two Qi-compatible charging mats, having the ability of charging two phones simultaneously at up to 20W output. This charger supports both Apple Fast Charge 7.5W and Samsung Fast Charge 10W, thus enabling today's fastest way to wirelessly charge your phone.
5 Coils Design, Charging Freedom
Built-in 5 coils provide a wider charging area to boost charging efficiency and maximize alignment with the coil in your Qi-compatible smartphone; no need to fumble with your smartphone for a better charging position.
7.5W 10W 5W Charging
3 Charging mode meets all your needs, this wireless charger provides 7.5W fast wireless charging for iPhone XS / XS Max / XR, iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus, 10W for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S9 S8 Note 8 and 5W for all qi enabled devices.
Premium & Stylish Design
Designed with anti-slip PU leather surface, not only provides sleek and modern style, but also prevents your smartphone from sliding. The anti-slip pads on the bottom helps keep your pad in place.
Lightweight, Portable Build
This mini dual wireless charging pad packs powerful yet features in one compact and sleek design that fits any space. It looks great and functions perfectly in any environment - from home to office to hotel room and anywhere else you care to name.
Heat Dissipation Design
To achieve good heat dissipation effect and avoid intermittent charge, we design heat dissipation holes at the bottom to keep your phone cool while charging.
USB-C Input
The dual wireless charging pad has Type-C input to support up to high-speed input for fast wireless charging.
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