CHOETECH 6Pack (1.6ftx1 + 3.3ftx4 + 6.6ftx1) USB C to USB C cable

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  • The USB-C to USB-C Cable is ready for your synchronization and charging needs, with transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbit / s (USB 2.0) and capable of delivering up to 3 power (wait 2 m). One is done quite long in two meters, be enough to stretch in your bed a good length and use your phone.
    Allowing you to connect external USB Type C devices, such as google Pixel 2 / pixel per pixel XL, Nexus 5 X / 6P, Lumia 950/950 x and more, to your compatible system, such as the 2015 MacBook, Chromebook Pixel or others computers with a USB Type-C port. If your hard diving is Samsung T3 portable SSD (USB C 3.1), please buy the USB 3.0 type A to Type C cable or USB cable C 3.1 Gen 2.
    Durable and reliable: CHOETECH is the member of the Association, the C-type connector is compatible with the USB USB if it is an Association device to ensure safe charging. With an ultra strong and rugged design, you can be sure that the USB C cable is built to last and works perfectly.
    6 units in various sizes: 3 different lengths, are ideal for fast charging USB Type C enabled devices in any situation, such as home, office, travel, etc. Replace your original Cable to other Type C devices through a wall charger, cell phone charger, portable charger, battery power bank
    What you get from CHOETECH: CHOE 6 * USB Type C Cable (0.5m * 1 + 1m * 3 + 2m * 1), 18 month warranty and friendly, easy customer service.
  • Product Features
    CHOETECH are the member of USB-IF
    From CHOETECH, the leading brand in USB charging in America
    USB cable type C male to Type C male
    Output Current: 5 V 3 A
    Data transfer: USB 2.0: 480 MB / s
    Backup cable loading
    Replace your original USB-C cable or add a spare for home, work or travel.
    Sync USB-C devices
    Connect between multiple USB-C devices such as the new Macbook and Chromebook Pixel.
    High speed synchronization
    CHOE USB Type C Cable with rugged construction has connectors with molded strain relief for frequent disconnection and durability, Compatible with Maximum 3 at fast charge
    Data transfer to and from all USB-C devices at speeds up to 480 Mbps.
    Reversible connectors
    Thanks to the new user-friendly design, insert the cable connectors in the correct way to USB-C, every time.
    World Famous Guarantee
    At CHOETECH, replacement or full refund, we back them with a guarantee of 18 months without doubts and friendly, easy customer service.
    Compatible devices:
    Google Pixel 2 / pixel per pixel XL
    Nexus 5 X / 6P
    Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL
    2015 new Apple MacBook with Retina display of 30.5 cm
    2015 Google Chromebook Pixel
    HP Pavilion x2
    Nokia N1
    Lenovo ZUK Z1
    Moto Z / Moto Z Force
    Google Pixel C
    Asus Z580 ° C
    Important note:
    1. Compatible only with the USB Type-C port on the Apple AV Multi-port USB-C adapter for charging.
    2.The data transfer speed is USB 2.0 standard which is 480 Mbps
    3.If your hard diving is Samsung T3 portable SSD (USB C 3.1), please buy the USB 3.0 type A to Type C cable or USB cable C 3.1 Gen 2.

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